Speakers and Abstracts

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Keynote Speakers

A World of Flowing, Intensifying Images: Mulla Sadra Meets Cinema Studies
Laura U Marks, <span>Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada)</span>

Non-Cinema, or the Location of Politics in Film
Lúcia Nagib, University of Reading

Failing Better: Different Pasts, Dramatic Revelations and Aesthetics of Revolution in Contemporary Art and Film
Patricia Pisters, University of Amsterdam

Non-Cinema: Digital, Ethics, Multitude
William Brown, University of Roehampton

General Papers

Gangster Film: Cinematic Ethics in The Act of Killing
Robert Sinnerbrink, Macquarie University

Rizhomatic space and delirium: Sacro GRA (by G. Rosi) in the light of the thought of Patricia Pisters
Daniela Angelucci, Universit&agrave; Roma Tre

John McDowell and the Future of Film Theory
Rick Costa, Carnegie Mellon University

The Divine Violence of Katharina Blum
Ben Tyrer, King's College London<br />

A Classical Indian Theory of Perception and Cinema
Gopalan Mullik, Dept. of Film Studies, St. Xavier's College, Park Street, Kolkata, India; Presently a PhD Film Research Student at the School of Film, Television and Media, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, NR4 7TJ

The Myth of Scotland as Nowhere in Particular
John Marmysz, College of Marin

Panel: Shadowing Images, Metadata and Surveillance in the Age of the World Picture
Kriss Ravetto, UC Davis, Cinema and Technoculture Jeffrey Geiger, University of Essex Kris Fallon, UC Davis

Panel: Surface, Dialogue, Possibility, Difference: Feminist Philosophy and Female Filmmakers
Jenny Chamarette, Queen Mary, University of London Anna Backman Rogers, Stockholm University Kate Ince, University of Birmingham&nbsp; Ros Murray, Queen Mary, University of London

Cinema and Gest, or: Why we still Say Mumblecore
Matthew A Holtmeier, Western Washington University

Placing Stillness: Cinematic Pause and Transnational Negotiations in Colossal Youth
Jacques de Villiers, University of Cape Town

The Curious Case of the (Non)Existence of Danish Minor Cinema
Atene Mendelyte, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University

Tie Xi Qui – Slow Documentary and the Time-image
Paul Elliott, University of Worcester

Strange Sensations: Cinematic Affection and Subversion in the Films of Sion Sono
Nicolas Oxen, Bauhaus University Weimar. Departement of Philosophy of Audiovisual Media

Neither Here Nor There: Identity, Memory and Any-Space-Whatevers in Ivan Sen’s Mystery Road
Kathleen Dooley, Postgraduate student- Dept. Screen and Media, Flinders University, South Australia

Cine-Ambulance vs. Power Station: Sound and Movement in Dziga Vertov’s Enthusiasm: The Donbass Symphony
Daniel Paul Schwartz, The Humanities Center Johns Hopkins University

Rethinking Artaud: The Politics of the Cinema of Cruelty
Angelos Koutsourakis, Post-doctoral Research Fellow Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia/University of New South Wales

Neurocinematics: Reading the Brain/Film through Film/Brain
Temenuga Trifonova, York University

Re-claiming the Belly Dancing Body in Abdellatif Kechiche’s 'La Graine et le mulet' (2007)
Kaya Davies Hayon, University of Manchester

Pregnant Embodiment, Post-colonialism and Spectatorship Ethics in French Body Horror
Kathleen Elizabeth Scott, University of St Andrews

Semiosis, self, camera, and nature
Hing Tsang, University Campus Suffolk

New Ontological Landscapes of Digital Screen Media.
Dan Strutt, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Mixed Feelings: Anglo-Indians and the Distribution of the Sensible in Indian Cinema
Glenn D'Cruz, Deakin University, Australia

Farhadi and Cavell: Thinking Cinema between tradition and reception
Daniele Rugo, Brunel University

Film-Philosophy? Why not Film Aesthetics?
Andrew Klevan, University of Oxford

The films of Ivan Sen: Visualising disruptive space.
Jane Mills, UNSW (Australia)

Error Screens: Dubbing and the Language Politics of Global Media
Tessa Rachel Dwyer, The University of Melbourne

Panel: Aesthetic Tendencies of New Chilean Cinema
James Harvey-Davitt, Anglia Ruskin&nbsp; Sarah Wright, Royal Holloway Berenike Jung, Warwick

"Where is this place?" - Films of the Iranian Diaspora in the light of the Green Revolution 2009
Alena Strohmaier, Philipps-University Marburg

Means of rebellion: animism in contemporary Malaysian cinema
Bogna M Konior, Queen Mary, University of London (BA) University of Amsterdam (RMa)

Panel: Screen Politics and Perspective in Post-Cinematic Installations
Lisa Akervall, Free University Berlin Chris Tedjasukmana, Free University Berlin Sven Seibel, Heinrich Heine University D&uuml;sseldorf

Ozu, Deleuze, and The Visual Reserve of Events in their Appropriateness
Tyler Parks, University of Edinburgh

Mimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia in Film
Lyubov Bugaeva, St. Petersburg State University

The Time-Image Cinema in Mobile Network Platform
Jiyoung Lee, University of Oxford

Translating Deleuzian ‘Minor Cinema’ into a Localized ‘Experimental Ethnography’ : On Aesthetic Strategies in Zhang Lu’s Scenery
Jihoon Kim, Department of Film Studies, Chung-ang University, South Korea

Dream(ing) Bodies in Satoshi Kon's Paprika
Ana Dosen, Lecturer at Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University, Belgrade, Serbia

Under the Skin and the Affective Alien Body
Lucy Bolton, Queen Mary, University of London

Intermedial aesthetics as the new language of cinema - Special reference to Mani Kaul and Kumar Shahani
Surbhi Goel, Department of English &amp; Cultural Studies, Panjab University (Chandigarh), India.

Negative feelings as emotional enhancement in cinema
Tarja Laine, University of Amsterdam

Panel: Stiegler's Film Philosophy: Globalization, Technicity and the Idiomatic
Patrick Crogan, University of the West of England, Bristol Ben Roberts, The University of Bradford Marcel Swiboda, University of Leeds

The Screen and the Other: an ethical reading of the neuro-image.
Orna Dvora Raviv, Tel Aviv University

Consensus and Normativity in World Cinema (Thoughts on Ranciere)
Richard Rushton, Lancaster University

Panel: 'After the Darkness, I hope for light': Reimagining Worldhood in Recent Cinema
John Caruana, Ryerson University Mark Cauchi, York University Isabel Rocamora, Edinburgh University

Umwelt and Contemporary World Cinema
Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn, Queen Mary, University of London<br />

Landscape Painting, Confucian Thought and the Cinema of Jia Zhangke
Cecilia Mello, <p>Federal University of S&atilde;o Paulo</p><p>Brazil</p>

Cold Eyes: Body and Screen in the Age of World Picture
Mi Young Park, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Textile-Images in Armenian Diasporic Cinema
Marie-Aude Baronian, University of Amsterdam

Modern Transformation of Classical Aesthetics in Chinese Films in the New Century
Xuguang Chen, Department of cinema and theater studies, School of arts, Peking University, China Linuo Zhao, <span>Department of cinema and theater studies, School of arts, Peking University, China</span>

The Force of Intimacy: Facial Close-Ups and the Nancean Image in Bruno Dumont
Lisa Coulthard, University of British Columbia Chelsea Birks, University of British Columbia

Beyond Propaganda: Military Camp, Biopolitics and Magical realism in Kim Kiyoung’s films
Minhwa Ahn, University of Minnesota

Emerson, Cavell, and the Importance of Netflix to Moral Perfectionism
Josh Gillon, Department of Philosophy Susquehanna University

Good life, better fiction; Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Blue and Paul Ricoeur’s narrative identity theory

A Film of Philosophy: How to Remake a Thought Cinematically
John Mullarkey, Kingston University

Deleuzean Schizoanalysis and Johnny Got His Gun (1971)
Keith Hennessey Brown, University of Edinburgh

Neurocinematic Approaches to Sonics, Ethics, and Affect
Jane Megan Stadler, School of English, Media Studies and Art History, The University of Queensland

The Memory of Earth: Polish Cinema as Archaeology
Matilda Mroz, Department of Communications and Creative Arts, University of Greenwich, London

Peter Watkins’ Untimely Provocations
Hamish Charles McBeth Ford, University of Newcastle, Australia

Panel: ‘Other’ Film Phenomenologies
Philippa Lovatt, <p>University of Stirling</p> Greg Singh, <p>University of Stirling</p> Katherina Lindner, <p>University of Stirling</p>

Does the gangster have to die?
Charlotte Bence, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama PhD Candidate

Philosophy and Fiction - Tattoo of the counter-culture crossing the Brazilian dictatorship
Marcus Pereira Novaes, University of Campinas, S&atilde;o Paulo (Brazil) Luciano Victor Barros Maluly, University of S&atilde;o Paulo, S&atilde;o Paulo&nbsp;

Islam, Consciousness and Early Cinema in Turkey
Canan Balan, Istanbul Şehir University

Disinterring Coffin Joe (José Mojica Malins): Notes on an Anomalous Minor Brazilian Paracinema
Michael N Goddard, University of Salford

A Dark Image
Andy Weir, Goldsmiths, University of London

Cinematic Identification with the “Other” across borders
Itandehui Jansen, PhD at Academy of Creative and Performing Arts at Leiden University

Post-representationalism as a Political Strategy in Migrant Feminist Documentary
Gozde Naiboglu, University of Manchester

Destroying Film: The Digital Dematerialisation of the Cinematic Experience
Erin K Stapleton, The London Graduate School, Kingston University, London.<br />

Organized matter : writing the metaphysics of film worlds
Felicity J Colman, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Inland Empire and the World: The Monad and the Nomad
Elena Del Rio, University of Alberta

John Dewey and the Expressive Object
Daniel Knipe, University of the West of England

Mythic thinking in Werner Herzog’s new grammar of images
Andre Fischer, Stanford University

Uncomfortable Cosmopolitanism: Ethico-Political Tensions in Understanding American Indie as World Cinema
Eva Sancho Rodriguez, PhD candidate - University of Amsterdam

'The Absence of Presence': The Possibility of a World in Cinema
Christine Jakobson, University of Oxford

'This indefinite life': a cine-philosophical tracing of love
Nadine Boljkovac

Disability, Sexuality and Abjection: The (Im)perfect Horny Body and Subjectivity in Contemporary Brazilian and Angolan Cinemas
Antonio Marcio da Silva, University of Kent

Safe House and the ‘flexible city’: transplacement, any-space-whatevers and the ‘gritty’ aesthetics of the global south
Ian-Malcolm Rijsdijk, Centre for Film and Media Studies University of Cape Town

The way Deleuze doesn’t remember the Eastern-European cinema: two examples of Time-Image
Grazyna Swietochowska, Assistant Lecturer at University of Gdansk (Faculty of Languages, Culture Studies Department), Poland

A Feminist Break with Shona Tradition in the work of Rumbi Katedza?
Agnieszka Piotrowska, University of Bedfordshire

Apocalyptic Ethnography: The Biopolitical Monster in Leviathan (2012)
Scott William Douglas Birdwise, York University

Film and/as Devotion: The Cinema of Bruno Dumont
Saige N Walton, The University of South Australia

Modern Love: Homosocial Desire in the Cinema
Christine Evans, The University of British Columbia

Broken Tools, Poor Images: Third Cinema’s Negative Ecology
Nikolaus Perneczky, Freie Universit&auml;t Berlin

Dark Light: Opening Scenes to Childhood Worlding
Maria Therese O'Connor, AUT University Auckland New Zealand

Benjamin Fondane’s Pictures of the Mind: Dada Cinema and Existential Philosophy
Ramona Fotiade, University of Glasgow

Paradox of Identity, or "Only the Other Knows"
László Tarnay, University of P&eacute;cs, Hungary

Same Difference: Humanity as Allegory in the Multi-Narrative Film
Tiago de Luca, University of Liverpool

Corporeal and sonic diagrams for cinematic ethics
Anna Catherine Hickey-Moody, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Bela Tarr’s Cinema of Endurance: Cinematic Bodies, Haecceities and Spinozist Film-Making
Tony Joseph Yanick, Case Western Reserve (grad) Global Center for Advanced Studies (student fellow 2013-2014); soon to be at University of Glasgow PhD student (Sept 2014-)

Inscribing Immanence: Death, Dying and Deleuze
Steven Eastwood, University of east london

The Master Who Mistook Himself for a Monster: Park Chan-wook's Oldboy and the Artifice of History
Peter Yoonsuk Paik, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

From Urgency to Reflection: Occupation, Collaboration and Resistance in Roberto Rossellini’s post-neorealist films
Pasquale Iannone, University of Edinburgh

Artifice, Authenticity and Alterity in the Films of Todd Haynes: An Ethical and Temporal Adventure
Carolyn D'Cruz, La Trobe University

Beyond the subtitle, when vernacular languages meet culture shock behind the screen-Taking translation of Seven Days in Heaven(父後七日) as Example
Yu Hsuan Chen, Applied English Dep., I-Shou University, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Po Ting Feng, Applied English Dep., I-Shou University, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Na-zha: A Resurrection Subject
Hsin-I Lin, Tainan National University of the Arts, Department of Material Arts and Design

From Tribes to Trawlers: Leviathan (2012) and the Sensory/Aesthetic Turn in Ethnographic Film
Andy Moore, University of Leeds

The Problem of Absorption in Kiarostami's Shirin
Mathew Abbott, Federation University Australia

All the World’s a Ship: Binary Breaking, Connectedness and Choice in the film ‘Ship of Theseus’
Ashvin Immanuel Devasundaram, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Judgment and Film
John Ryder, American University of Ras Al Khaimah

Bikini Brain: Fleshing Out the Neuro-Image in Spring Breakers
Andrew Jarvis, University of the West of Scotland

Taking the Long Way Home: Mobility and Female Subjectivity in Hybrid Spaces
Desireee de Jesus, Concordia University