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Vol. 6 No. 17, July 2002



Jean-Luc Nancy

A Non-Replying Reply to Kretzschmar




Laurent Kretzschmar

'Is Cinema Renewing Itself?'

_Film-Philosophy_, vol. 6 no. 15, July 2002


I understand what the author says, and how he may feel a little frustrated by the book considered as a theory of film, but my purpose was not to give a theory of film. Neither was it only to write about a couple of movies of a single filmmaker . . . it was in between . . . to express or suggest a feeling about something which, it seems to me, is going on in film today as well as perhaps out of film.


One could say: what is going on is an opening of eyes (or gaze) without the glasses or the schemes of pre-given interpretations of world (things, life . . .). And, for a new opening of eyes (like by a new born baby), there is nothing much to say, only to give space and time, place and patience, for constructing later new significations . . .


Time not for given meanings, not given shapes . . . Mainly, I only wanted to say that, very far from an 'end of cinema' (as Godard used to say), we enter a new beginning, a new age (but not the so called 'New Age'!)


Perhaps I will be able, later, in another place, to expand a bit more about it. (If you wish, you may take this as a reply . . . a non-replying reply!)


Université Marc Bloch

Strasbourg, France



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