Vol 7, No 5 (2003)

Soviet and Asian Cinemas

Edited by Daniel Frampton

Table of Contents


A (Ukrainian) Life in Soviet Film, on George O. Liber Alexander Dovzhenko: A Life in Soviet Film HTML
John Riley
Re-examining Dovzhenko's Political Environment: A Response to Riley HTML
George O. Liber
The Radical Capability of Rashomon HTML
Robert Castle
Sokurov's Russian Ark HTML
Dorota Ostrowska
Kojeve's Masters and Slaves, Kurosawa's Samurai and Farmer HTML
Aakash Singh
Never Forfeit the Self: The Art of Zhang Yimou HTML
Sheila Petty
The Poverty of Sociological Studies of Hong Kong Cinema, on Lisa Odham Stokes and Michael Hoover City on Fire: Hong Kong Cinema HTML
Karen Fang
Comments on Karen Fang's Review of City on Fire: Hong Kong Cinema HTML
Lisa Odham Stokes, Michael Hoover

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