Vol 5, No 1 (2001)

Edited by Daniel Frampton

Table of Contents


Casetti on Film Theory HTML
Gregory L. Miller
Cat People: A Screening with Commentary HTML
David Annandale
Chabrol for Beginners (and Other Interested Parties) HTML
Andrew Slade
Curiously, Fetishism Can Be Fun HTML
Kenneth MacKinnon
Hieroglyphs and Carapaces: The Enigmatic Real in Laura Mulvey's Fetishism and Curiosity HTML
David Sorfa
Reply to MacKinnon and Sorfa HTML
Laura Mulvey
Politicising Disney HTML
Nichola Dobson
Photography and Cinema from Birth to Death HTML
Damian Sutton
Last Things First: A Reply to Sutton HTML
Garrett Stewart
The Way that Movements Speak HTML
Daniel Frampton
Both Semiotics and Cognitivism? HTML
Mirko Petric
Old Wine in Old Bottles HTML
Torben Grodal
Black Cats, Dark Rooms, and Paper Tigers: A Reply to Petric and Grodal HTML
Warren Buckland
Understanding the American Avant-Garde HTML
Douglas Hunter
Making Avant-Garde Film Accessible HTML
Kirill Galetski
Carnival of the Unconscious: On Shohei Imamura HTML
Catherine Cullen
The Last Analysis of Slavoj Zizek HTML
Edward R. O'Neill
Behold Their Quarter'd Fires HTML
Henry Breitrose
A Documentarian's Call to Arms: On Vaughan's For Documentary HTML
Stephen Charbonneau
A Patient Cinema or a Cinema of Patience? (Robert Bresson for Foreigners HTML
Thomas Deane Tucker
Bressonians on Bresson HTML
David Sterritt
Transgression: Ordinary and Otherwise HTML
Brian Butler
Film, Philosophy, and the Ordinary: A Response to Butle HTML
Thomas E. Wartenberg
Toward an Ontology of Film: A Phenomenological Approach HTML
Robert E. Wood
Looking at Motion Pictures (Revised) [ HTML
Richard Allen
Problem Formation in the Analytic Philosophy of Film HTML
Warren Buckland
Rediscovering the Virtues in Popular Film HTML
Adam Muller
Art Objects HTML
Dorian Stuber
On Framework HTML
Katrina Daly Thompson

Film Festival Reports

New York Film Festival 2001 HTML
Martha P. Nochimson

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