Vol 3, No 1 (1999)

Edited by Daniel Frampton

Table of Contents


'To See or Not To See', That Is the Question HTML
Kathleen Johnson
A State of Crisis HTML
Sylvie Blum
It All Depends On What You Mean By 'Ideology' HTML
Daniel Shaw
Notes on Debord HTML
Santiago Cucullu
Breakdowns of Belief? HTML
Lewis Johnson
The Superficial Aesthetics of the Postmodern HTML
Marc Furstenau
Sense of an Ending HTML
Andrew Gibson
Images of/and the Postmodern HTML
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Unnatural Reality HTML
Sean Cubitt
England's Screening HTML
Joe Brooker
Phenomenology, History and the Image: A Reply to Kathleen Fitzpatrick HTML
Josh Cohen
A Future Aesthetic HTML
Daniel Palmer
Reply to Palmer HTML
Sean Cubitt
The Possibilities of Immanence HTML
Patricia Pisters
A Site for Sore Eyes HTML
David Martin-Jones
Leone's Impure Vision HTML
John Bleasdale
Image and Mind: But Where's the Body? HTML
Jan Simons
The Means and Ends of Screen Violence HTML
Steven Schneider
Reply to Schneider HTML
Stephen Prince
Visual Reality HTML
David Cullen
Machine Memory: Image Technology and Identity HTML
Jeffrey Pence
Thinking through Imagery HTML
Evan William Cameron
The Gears of the Collective Imaginary HTML
Imre Szeman
Watching You Watching Me HTML
Alison McMahan
Signs of the Times: The Thirty-Year Trajectory of Signs and Meaning in the Cinema HTML
Karla Oeler
Getting a Good View of Depiction HTML
Jeffrey T. Dean
Pictures and Film; Philosophy and the Empirical Disciplines: A Reply to Dean HTML
Robert Hopkins
Bill Viola and the Video Sublime HTML
Cynthia A. Freeland
As Animals Might Dream HTML
Erica Sheen
The Gaze and Eyes Wide Shut HTML
Marty Fairbairn
Reflections Upon the Matrix HTML
Mark Crosby
Bazin at Last; or, The Style Is the Man Himself HTML
Dan Friedman
The Necessity of Critical Realism HTML
Gary MacLennan
Reply to MacLennan HTML
John Izod
How to Account for Cinematic Experience HTML
Bohdan Y. Nebesio
Why Film History Should Not Repeat Itself HTML
Tina M. Kelleher
Negotiating Modernity in Weimar Film Theory HTML
Paul M. Malone
Reply to Cameron HTML
Mary Carruthers
Urban Montage HTML
Deborah L. Parsons
Cinecity Confidential: A Reply to Parsons HTML
David B. Clarke
Letting Go of David Lynch HTML
John Bleasdale
Response to Bleasdale HTML
Martha P. Nochimson
Assessing Ong HTML
Phillip H. Gochenour
A Formalist Reborn HTML
Ian Verstegen
Identifying Aliens The Problem of Difference in Alien Identities HTML
Robert E. Mitchell
Agnes Varda: Questions at Twenty-Four Frames a Second HTML
Mike Hakata
The International Cinema of Poetry HTML
Tico Romao
Invaginating Antonioni HTML
David Martin-Jones
Fear and Wonder: Ambivalence Towards Technology HTML
Philippe D. Mather
A Non-Critical Review HTML
Margaret E. Johnson


The Ethics of Representation: A Review of Jakob the Liar; An Interview with Peter Kassovitz Report from the Toronto International Film Festival 1999 HTML
Marty Fairbairn

Film Festival Reports

Report from the 1999 Toronto International Film Festival HTML
Marty Fairbairn

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