Vol 1, No 1 (1997)

Edited by Daniel Frampton

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Unknown Men and Unkown Women: Reading Cavell PDF
David Large
Noemata or No Matter?: Forcing Phenomenology into Film Theory PDF
David Sullivan
Ecology and Reality: Notes Toward an Ecological Film Theory PDF
David Large
A Humean Definition of Horror PDF
Daniel Shaw
Piecemeal Engineering PDF
Ludvig Hertzberg
The Rear Window of Essentialism PDF
Laszlo Tarnay
The Friction Over the Fiction of Nonfiction Movies PDF
Jay Raskin
Thinking with Cinema: Deleuze and Film Theory PDF
Jeffrey Bell
On Imagologies PDF
Ralph Berets
Rothman and the Challenge of Critical Realism PDF
Gary MacLennan
Project for a Scientific Film Theory PDF
Eric Parkinson
Film Aesthetics and Parkinson\'s Nostalgia for Psychologisms PDF
Torben Grodal
Wim Wenders: The Inside Story PDF
Stan Jones

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