Vol 10, No 1 (2006)

Reanimating the Auteur

Edited by David Sorfa, David Martin-Jones and John Mullarkey

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Introduction: Reanimating the Auteur PDF
David Sorfa
The Principle of Revelation : Catherine Lupton (2005) Chris Marker: Memories of the Future PDF
Eduardo Abrantes
The Auteur as Imposter: Lisa Downing (2004) Patrice Leconte PDF
Fiona Handyside
Neither Personal nor Political: John Anderson (2005) Edward Yang PDF
Brian Hu
Godard Alone?: Michael Temple, James S.Williams and Michael Witt, eds. (2004) For Ever Godard PDF
Katerina Loukopoulou
Apprehending Beauty: Michel Chion (2004) The Thin Red Line PDF
Ian-Malcolm Rijsdijk
Re-remembering History in Contemporary Film: Pam Cook (2005) Screening the Past: Memory and Nostalgia in Cinema PDF
Jonathan Wright

Book Reviews

Opening the Door to the Subconscious: Gwynne Edwards (2005) A Companion to Luis Bunuel PDF
Michael Abecassis
It Is What It Is: David Lynch, edited by Chris Rodley (2004) Lynch on Lynch: Revised Edition PDF
Jennifer Cecconi
Joan Mellen (2004) In the Realm of the Senses PDF
Kevin Teo Kia-Choong
Carrie Tarr (2005) Reframing Difference: Beur and Banlieue Filmmaking in France PDF
Florian Grandena
Robert Bird (2004) Andrei Rublev PDF
Julia Kristanciuk
Taiwan and the Auteur: The Forging of an Identity: Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh and Darrell William Davis (2005) Taiwan Film Directors: A Treasure Island PDF
Samaya L. Sukha
Jonathan Rosenbaum (2004) Essential Cinema: On the Necessity of Film Canons PDF
Claudia Kotte

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