Vol 14, No 2 (2010)

Baudrillard and Film-Philosophy

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Edited by Jon Baldwin

Table of Contents


Introduction - White Magic: Baudrillard and Cinema PDF
Jon Baldwin 1-5
Jean Baudrillard and Cinema: The Problems of Technology, Realism and History PDF
Gerry Coulter 6-20
Dreams Rise in Darkness: The White Magic of Cinema PDF
David B. Clarke 21-40
The Paradox of Film: An Industry of Sex, a Form of Seduction (Notes on Jean Baudrillard’s Seduction and the Cinema) PDF
Hunter Vaughan 41-61
Terminal Indifference: The Hollywood War Film Post-September 11 PDF
Kim Toffoletti, Victoria Grace 62-83
The ‘ABCs’ of B, Or: To Be and Not to Be B PDF
Alan Cholodenko 84-112
The Shared Destiny of the Radically Other: A Reading of The Wizard of Oz PDF
William Pawlett, Meena Dhanda 113-131

Book Reviews

Eugene W. Holland, Daniel W. Smith and Charles J. Stivale, eds. (2009) Gilles Deleuze: Image and Text PDF
Caroline Hagood
Lukas Bleichenbacher (2008) Multilingualism in the Movies: Hollywood Characters and their Language Choices PDF
Michael Abecassis
Mark Slobin, ed. (2008) Global Soundtracks: Worlds of Film Music PDF
Aparna Sharma
Marc Augé (2009) Casablanca: Movies and Memory PDF
Anna Magdalena Elsner
Lindiwe Dovey (2009) African Film and Literature: Adapting Violence to the Screen PDF
Helena Cantone
Andrew Asibong (2008) François Ozon Untitled () PDF
Ger Zielinski
John Mullarkey (2009) Refractions of Reality: Philosophy and the Moving Image PDF
Joshua Conrad Hilst
Ellis Cashmore (2009) Martin Scorsese's America PDF
Michael Meneghetti
Mike King (2009) The American Cinema of Excess: Extremes of the National Mind on Film PDF
Michael B. Mathias
Alexander García Düttmann (2009) Visconti: Insights into Flesh and Blood PDF
J. Douglas Macready
Francesco Casetti (2008) Eye of the Century: Film, Experience, Modernity PDF
Adriano D'Aloia
Laura Rascaroli (2009) The Personal Camera: Subjective Cinema and the Essay Film PDF
Matilde Nardelli

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