Vol 12, No 1 (2008)

Claire Denis and Jean-Luc Nancy

Edited by Douglas Morrey

Table of Contents


Introduction: Claire Denis and Jean-Luc Nancy PDF
Douglas Morrey
Icon of Fury: Claire Denis's Trouble Every Day PDF
Jean-Luc Nancy
Open Wounds: Body and Image in Jean-Luc Nancy and Claire Denis PDF
Douglas Morrey
The Practice of Strangeness: L'Intrus - Claire Denis (2004) and Jean-Luc Nancy (2000) PDF
Martine Beugnet
The Community According to Jean-Luc Nancy and Claire Denis PDF
Anja Streiter
Deconstructing Community and Christianity: 'A-religion' in Nancy's Reading of Beau travail PDF
Laura McMahon

Book Reviews

Caroline Bainbridge (2007) The Cinema of Lars von Trier: Authenticity and Artifice PDF
Davina Quinlivan
Time, Affect, and the Brain: Deleuze’s Cinematic Aesthetics: Darren Ambrose and Wahida Khandker (eds.) (2005) Diagrams of Sensation: Deleuze and Aesthetics: Pli, The Warwick Journal of Philosophy PDF
Robert Sinnerbrink
Eyal Peretz (2007) Becoming Visionary: Brian De Palma’s Cinematic Education of the Senses PDF
Edward Willat
Style and Substance in The Matrix: Stacy Gillis. Ed. (2005) The Matrix Triology: Cyberpunk Reloaded PDF
Thorsten Botz-Bornstein
Martin Harries (2007) Forgetting Lot’s Wife: On Destructive Spectatorship PDF
R. D. Crano

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