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Books received and available for review are listed here. 

If you are interested in reviewing one of these books, please request to do so through this page. Please make sure that you have ticked the author box in your profile.

Please do not request more than one book at a time (unless you wish to review a series of books on a similar topic).

Reviews should be around 1000 words long and should be submitted within 8 weeks of receipt of the book. See the submission guidelines section for further information. 

If you are an author or publisher and wish your book to be reviewed in Film-Philosophy, please send a copy to:

Dr. William Brown
Queen's Building 018
University of Roehampton
Roehampton Lane
SW15 5PH
United Kingdom

We can never guarantee that a review of any book sent to us will be published in the journal.

To request a book for review:

  • Register as an author with this journal. Please make sure you tick the Author box when doing so. Remember to fill in your postal address.
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  • Click on the request link that corresponds to the book of interest.

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Tourner le dos: Sur l'envers du personnage au cinéma

Edited By Benjamin Thomas

2013 | Presses Universitaires de Vincennes
Copy Available: Yes

De nombreux plans de cinéma s’attardent sur le dos d’un personnage, mais ces images singulières n'ont pas fait l'objet de publications récentes. Ce livre original et inédit se propose de réparer cet oubli.Que se passe-t-il au cinéma, lorsqu ...
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