In Kubrick's Crypt, a Derrida/Deleuze Monster, on 2001: A Space Odyssey

Richard I. Pope


On the origin of the cinematic odyssey Kubrick remarks: \'I do not remember when I got the idea to do the film. I became interested in extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe, and was convinced that the universe was *full* of intelligent life, and so it seemed time to make a film\'. But as to the confusion surrounding the film upon its release, and in particular many thinking Floyd had gone to the \'planet\' Clavius he said: \'Why they think there\'s a planet Clavius I\'ll never know. But they hear him [Floyd] asked, \'Where are you going?\', and he says, \'I\'m going to Clavius\'. With many people -- *boom* -- that one word registers in their heads and they don\'t look at fifteen shots of the moon; they don\'t see he\'s going to the Moon\'. At the same time he rhetorically asked: \'How could we possibly appreciate the Mona Lisa if Leonardo had written at the bottom of the canvas: \'The lady is smiling because she is hiding a secret from her lover\'. This would shackle the viewer to reality, and I don\'t want this to happen to _2001_\'.

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