The Subject Trapped in Gomorrah: Undecidability and Choice in Network Cinema

Maria Poulaki


This paper uses the recent ‘network film’ of Mateo GarroneGomorrah in order to let Alain Badiou’s theory of subjectivization-in-decision percolate through the immanent networks of contemporary ‘risk societies’ and the narrative structures through which they find expression in cinema. Adumbrating a tension between choices and decisions I seek to create ‘edges’ between two worlds that in the most part of Badiou’s work have been decisively and platonically separated: the world of being and the one of our embodied social experience. Cinema lends its dynamical and ‘tensed’ mediation in order for this new and open topology to be explored.


network narratives; reflexive modernization; Badiou; event; subject; choice

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