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Film-Philosophy Conference 2021

East Tennessee State University (Online)

July 7, 2021 – July 9, 2021

Registration for the 2021 Film-Philosophy Conference is now open:

The Film-Philosophy Conference is an annual academic conference associated with the Film-Philosophy Journal. The conference has been running since 2008, and before going online due to Covid-19 has taken place at a different university every year. This year, the conference will be held using Zoom seminars, and registrants will have access to practice-based works prior to the start of the conference. See our schedule below.

Film-Philosophy is dedicated to the engagement between film studies and philosophy, exploring the ways in which films develop and contribute to philosophical discussion. The journal also provides a forum for the thoughtful re-evaluation of key aspects of both film studies and philosophy as academic disciplines. Read our open access journal and submit your academic work here:

Conference fees support the maintenance of the journal and ensure that the journal remains open access. We appreciate your continued support of the journal. While we appreciate your support of the journal, we do wish this event remains 'open access,' and there is an unwaged/student option if you cannot contribute at this time.

Fees (please register here):

  • Students / Unwaged: £0
  • Waged: £20
  • Funded: £40 



7-9 July 2021 - hosted online at East Tennessee State University through Zoom Seminars

Three short days consisting of roundtables, a plenary on practice-based work, and a keynote.

SCHEDULE (British Standard Time - BST [convert]):

Wednesday, July 7th:

4:00-5:30pm BST, “Dis/obedience: Film, Ethics and Holding Patterns”

Roundtable with Michele Aaron and discussants

Social hour afterwards


Thursday, July 8th:

4:00-5:30 BST, “Governance, Aesthetics, and Contemporary Black Cinema”

Keynote from Kara Keeling

Social hour afterwards


Friday, July 9th:

4:00-5:30pm BST, “Film, Plasticity, Epigenesis”

A plenary exploring the work of philosopher Catherine Malabou
Speakers: Catherine Malabou, Ben Tyrer, and Benjamin Dalton

5:30-6:30pm BST, “Practicing Film-Philosophy”

Practice-based plenary with Catherine Grant, Azadeh Emadi, and Mila Zuo
Cover image from KIN (2021) by Mila Zuo

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