Speakers and Abstracts

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Individual Papers

The Forms of the Figure: Grandrieux, Deleuze, Bacon.
Greg Hainge, University of Queensland

Aesthetics of Abstraction: A Striving for Recognition
Lilly Husbands, Film Studies, King's College London

Preconstituted Panels

Evaluating Narrative Point-of-View in Fiction Film
Guido Kirsten, Stockholm University Julian Hanich, University of Groningen Maarten Coëgnarts, University of Antwerp

Ida: Form, Space, and Light
Matilda Mroz, University of Greenwich, London Richard Rushton, Lancaster University James Harvey-Davitt, Anglia Ruskin University

Getting to the Core of American Indies: Reworking the Clichés of Body and Brain
William Brown, Roehampton University Matthew Holtmeier, Ithaca College Eddy Troy, University of California, Riverside Steven Eastwood, University of East London

Negotiating Identity: Forms of Knowledge and Radical Difference
Anna Backman Rogers, University of Gothenburg, Sweden Eva Sancho Rodriguez, University of Amsterdam Francesca Minnie Hardy, University of Aberdeen Laura McMahon, University of Cambridge