Speakers and Abstracts

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Keynote Speakers

The Return on The Idea of Medium Specificity and the Task of Criticism
Noël Carroll, City University of New York (CUNY)

What is 'Aesthetic Suspense'?
Alex Clayton, University of Bristol

Individual Papers

Moral Beauty in Two Days, One Night
Damian Cox, Bond University

Approaching Ambivalently: A slow long-take in The Lady from Shanghai
Daniel Lik Hang Chan, University of Warwick

Looking outwards to look inwards: filmic form and interstitial life-writing in Vincent Dieutre’s Jaurès (2012)
Tom Cuthbertson, University of Oxford

Exponential virtuality: Attending to the forms of Marina Abramović
Jenny Chamarette, Queen Mary, University of London

An Aesthetics of Paradox: the case for Postmodern Hollywood
Catherine Constable, University of Warwick

Preconstituted Panels

Evaluating Narrative Point-of-View in Fiction Film
Guido Kirsten, Stockholm University Julian Hanich, University of Groningen Maarten Coëgnarts, University of Antwerp

Cinematic Epiphanies: Revisiting Schrader’s Transcendental Style
John Caruana, Ryerson University Isabel Rocamora, Edinburgh University Mark Cauchi, York University Chris Irwin, Humber College

Stiegler’s post-Kantian Aesthetics of Industrial Temporal Objects
Patrick Crogan, University of the West of England, Bristol Marcel Swiboda, University of Leeds John Mowitt, University of Leeds