Speakers and Abstracts

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General Papers

Panel: 'The Earth is evil': The Ethics, Depths, and Image of Melancholia
Felicity J Colman, Manchester Metropolitan University Richard Rushton, University of Lancaster Scott Wilson, Kingston University

“Ding Dong The Witch is Dead”: The Celebratory Death Scene
Elena Woolley, <p>King's College London.</p>

The 4th unspoken horror of 24 Hour Psycho, or thinking Meillassoux’s ‘dia-chronic statement’ film-philosophically
Andy Weir, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Time and Temporality in Recent Hispanic Cinema
Belén Vidal, <p>King's College London</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Tom Whittaker, University of Liverpool Steven Marsh, University of Illinois at Chicago

Film Heterogeneity and Categorical Transgression: From Metz to Derrida
Rea Wallden, Athens School of Fine Arts<br />

Curiosity in Morvern Callar
Liz Watkins, University of Leeds