Speakers and Abstracts

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Keynote Speakers

How Tasty are Deleuze’s Cinema Books?
David Martin-Jones, University of St Andrews

Keynote Panel

Cinema: The Animals that Therefore We Are (On Temple Grandin's Thinking, in Pictures)
John Mullarkey, Kingston University

General Papers

John Cassavetes' Avant-Garde Sublime
Sarinah Hope Masukor, Monash University, Melbourne.

'To Look, to Think, to Debate'
Pedro Mantas, Universidad de Cordoba Rafael Cejudo, Universidad de Cordoba

Equipmental Transgression and Referential Contexts: A Heideggerean Phenomenology of Objects in Chaplin
Shaun Robert May, University of London

Friendship, Philosophy, and Film
Ben J Mulvey, Nova Southeastern University Davie, Florida, USA

What is an Apparatus of Capture?
Anne Bottomley, University of Kent Nathan Moore, Birkbeck, University of London

False Witnessing in Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah
Tom Martin, Rhodes University

From the Cinematic to the Medical: Exploring the Vicissitudes of the Gaze in A Serbian Film (Spasojevic, 2010)
Graham Matthews, University of Exeter

The Snake Has A Face: Emmanuel Levinas, Mondo Cinema and the Death of the Non-Human Other
Aaron McMullan, King's College, London