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Vol. 9 nos 1-5, January 2005

Issue on Film Theory

no. 1: Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Movie-made Memories, on Memory and Popular Film, edited by Paul Grainge.
no. 2: Matt Lee, 'No Theory' Theory, Anti-theory, and the Arts, on Wittgenstein, Theory and the Arts, edited by Richard Allen and Malcolm Turvey.
no. 3: Patrick ffrench, Potential Not To Be
no. 4: Peter Caws, Theory as Criticism
no. 5: Leo Bersani and Ulysse Dutoit, A Response to Patrick ffrench and Peter Caws
Two review-articles on Leo Bersani and Ulysse Dutoit's Forms of Being: Cinema, Aesthetics, Subjectivity, and a response by the authors.

Vol. 9 nos 6-11, February 2005
Special Issue on Wilhelm S. Wurzer

no. 6: Imre Szeman, Film Beyond Metaphysics
no. 7: Martin Donougho, Rethinking Cinema as Philosophy
no. 8: Fabienne-Sophie Chauderlot, Filming as the Art of Thinking
no. 9: Steve Choe, The Film Theory to Come
no. 10: Jakob Hesler, Filming Without Film
no. 11: Wilhelm S. Wurzer, Filming (In) Futures, a response to the five review-articles in Film-Philosophy's Special Issue.

Vol. 9 nos 12-18, March 2005
Issue on World Cinema

no. 12: Antonio Traverso, Unsettled Screens, on The Cinema of Latin America, edited by Alberto Elena and Marina Díaz López.
no. 13: Florence Martin, Passage to 'Franco-Asia', on East-West Encounters: Franco-Asian Cinema and Literature by Sylvie Blum-Reid.
no. 14: Sylvie Blum-Reid, The Passeuse?, a response to Florence Martin's review.
no. 15: Amresh Sinha, Same Old New German Cinema, on Julia Knight's New German Cinema: Images of a Generation.
no. 16: Peter Brunette, Nowell-Smith Meets Visconti, Redux: The Old and the New, on the 3rd edition of Geoffrey Nowell-Smith's Luchino Visconti.
no. 17: Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, 'It Ain't Me Babe', a response to Brunette's review.
no. 18: Benjamin A. Schneider, The Sight and Sound of Music, on Wendy Everett's Terrence Davies.

Vol. 9 nos 19-22, April 2005
General Issue

no. 19: Marshall Deutelbaum, Studying Early Film History.
no. 20: Richard Schellhammer, An Early Cinema Textbook.
Two review-articles on Simon Popple and Joe Kember's Early Cinema: From Factory Gate to Dream Factory.
no. 21: Kenneth MacKinnon, The Trouble with The Trouble with Men, on the book about 'Masculinities in European and Hollywood Cinema', editied by Phil Powrie, Ann Davies, and Bruce Babington.
no. 22: Michael Abecassis, In Search of Lost Children in Cinema and Western Society, on Emma Wilson's Cinema's Missing Children.

Vol. 9 Nos 23-31, May 2005
Gigantic Visions of Mankind
Special Issue on Spectacular Effects and Digital Cinema

no. 23: Marina Sheppard, Hollywood Business, on Robert Blanchet's Blockbuster: Aesthetik, Oekonomie und Geschichte des Postklassischen Hollywoodkinos.
no. 24: Jacobia Dahm, Lollywood Adventures, on Robert Blanchet's Blockbuster: Aesthetik, Oekonomie und Geschichte des Postklassischen Hollywoodkinos.
no. 25: Jon Baldwin, Have You Taken Your Rorschach Test?, on The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real, edited by William Irwin.
no. 26: Daniel Herbert, An Economy of Annihilation, on Wheeler Winston Dixon's Visions of the Apocalypse: Spectacles of Destruction in American Culture.
no. 27: Karin Badt, Apocalypse Too Soon, on Wheeler Winston Dixon's Visions of the Apocalypse: Spectacles of Destruction in American Culture.
no. 28: Mary Helen Kolisnyk, Between the Carnival and the Panopticon, on Scott Bukatman's Matters of Gravity: Special Effects and Supermen in the 20th Century.
no. 29: Richard Misek, Analogue Film, Digital Discourse, on Sean Cubitt’s The Cinema Effect.
no. 30: Sean Cubitt, Reply to Richard Misek.
no. 31: Mark Bould, If This Retrofuturistic Flu Goes On . . ., on Future Cinema: The Cinematic Imaginary after Film, edited by Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel.

Vol. 9 Nos 32-33, June 2005
Issue on World Cinema

no. 32: Elena del Rio, Antonioni's Blowup: Freeing the Imaginary from Metaphysical Ground.
no. 33: John Bleasdale, Please Make More Films, on The Cinema of Terrence Malick: Poetic Visions of America, edited by Hannah Patterson.
no. 34: Robert Sinnerbrink, Cinematic Ideas, on David Lynch's 2001 film Mulholland Drive.
no. 35: Ed Keller, The Reinvention of Self and World, on Aleksandar Dundjerovic's The Cinema of Robert Lepage: The Poetics of Memory.

Vol. 9 Nos 36-43, July 2005
French Film-PhilosophersSpecial Issue on Bresson, Resnais, Carax

no. 36: Robert W. Davis Jr, Cunneen's Bresson, on Joseph Cunneen's Robert Bresson: A Spiritual Style in Film.
no. 37: Joseph Cunneen, Reply to Davis.
no. 38: Reni Celeste, Love and Catastrophe: Filming the Sublime in Hiroshima Mon Amour.
no. 39: Jeremy J. Shapiro, Still Searching for Lost Time, on Jean-Louis Leutrat's BFI Film Classics book on Resnais's L'Annee derniere a Marienbad.
no. 40: Jean-Louis Leutrat, Response to Shapiro, trans. Douglas Morrey.
no. 41: Greg Hainge, Carax and the Ambiguities -- A Book That Needs To Fail, Perhaps, two review-articles on Fergus Daly and Garin Dowd's Leos Carax.
no. 42: Isabelle Vanderschelden, Carax -- Philosophy in Film.
no. 43: Garin Dowd, Carax and Deleuze -- Shuffling the Decks, a short reply to Hainge's review.

Vol. 9 Nos 44-45, November 2005
Issue on the New York Film Festival

no. 44: Martha P. Nochimson, Movies and the America of the Mind, part one of a two-part report on the 43rd New York Film Festival, 2005.
no. 45: Martha P. Nochimson, Five International Cinematic Perspectives on the 'Nature' of Love and Childhood, part two of a report on the 43rd New York Film Festival, 2005.

Vol. 9 nos 46-50, December 2005
Issue on Analytical Film Philosophy

no. 46: Andrew Court, The Measure of Cinema?, on Per Persson's Understanding Cinema: A Psychological Theory of Moving Imagery.
no. 47: Susan French Overstreet, Irving Singer's Reality Revisited, on his 2004 book Three Philosophical Filmmakers: Hitchcock, Welles and Renoir.
no. 48: Thomas Wartenberg, Style and Methodologies, on Noel Carroll's Engaging the Moving Image.
no. 49: Michael Grant, Cities of Words, Cities of Cinema, on Stanley Cavell's City of Words: Pedagogical Letters on a Register of the Moral Life.
no. 50: Stanley Cavell, Reply to Grant.