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Volume 6, 2002
December 2002
vol. 6 no. 49: Roger Dawkins,
An Infrared Vision of the World: Deleuze, the Sign, and In the Mood for Love.
vol. 6 no. 48: Simon Critchley,
Calm -- On Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line.
November 2002 (
Future Cinema Issue)
vol. 6 no. 47: Joseph Nechvatal,
Review of Paul Virilio's 'Ce qui arrive' / 'Unknown Quantity', at the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain in Paris, France.
vol. 6 no. 46: Rex Butler,
It is Never a Decision to Choose Between This and That, a response to Herwitz's review-article.
vol. 6 no. 45: Daniel Herwitz,
The Defence of Extreme Realities, on Rex Butler's Jean Baudrillard: The Defense of the Real.
vol. 6 no. 44: Erik Marshall,
Fatal Strategies and Film Studies, on Fatal Strategies by Jean Baudrillard.
vol. 6 no. 43: Kenneth Rufo,
Obscenity with a View, on Jean Baudrillard's Revenge of the Crystal: Selected Writings on the Modern Object and its Destiny, 1968-1983.
vol. 6 no. 42: Ted Kafala,
Cinematic Media in the Age of the Quantum Particle, on Paul Virilio's Polar Inertia.
vol. 6 no. 41: Matt Lee,
Technology and the Image, on Screen-Based Art, special issue of the journal Lier en Boog, edited by Annette W. Balkema and Henk Slager.
vol. 6 no. 40: Scott McQuire,
Reply to Longacre.
vol. 6 no. 39: Jeffrey S. Longacre,
After Photography: Deconstructing the Era of the Image, on Scott McQuire's Visions of Modernity.
vol. 6 no. 38: R. J. Warren Zanes,
Photography Into Motion, on Fugitive Images: From Photography to Video, edited by Patrice Petro.
vol. 6 no. 37: Martha P. Nochimson,
New York Film Festival 2002, considering The Son (Dir. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne), Auto Focus (Dir. Paul Schrader), The Man Without a Past (Dir. Aki Kaurismaki), About Schmidt (Dir. Alexander Payne), Punch-Drunk Love (Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson), Talk to Her (Dir. Pedro Almodovar), Russian Ark (Dir. Alexander Sokurov), Safe Conduct (Dir. Bertrand Tavernier), Chihwaseon (Dir. Im Kwon-Taek), and To Be and To Have (Dir. Nicholas Philibert).
October 2002
vol. 6 no. 36: Laura U. Marks,
Emergent Senses, a response to Melanie Swalwell's review of The Skin of the Film.
vol. 6 no. 35: Tag Gallagher,
Reply to Bleasdale.
vol. 6 no. 34: John Bleasdale,
The Unrealistic Rossellini, on Tag Gallagher's The Adventures of Roberto Rossellini.
vol. 6 no. 33: Geoff Lealand,
Television as the Centre of the Universe, on Television and Common Knowledge, edited by Jostein Gripsrud.
vol. 6 no. 32: Melanie Swalwell,
The Senses and Memory in Intercultural Cinema, on Laura U. Marks's The Skin of the Film.
September 2002 (
French Cinema Issue)
vol. 6 no. 31: David Sterritt,
Godardiana: A Reply to Marcia Landy.
vol. 6 no. 30: Marcia Landy,
Godard: Thinking Media, on David Sterritt's The Films of Jean-Luc Godard: Seeing the Invisible.
vol. 6 no. 29: Jerome Cornette,
Identification of a Journal, on the inaugural issue of the journal Studies in French Cinema.
vol. 6 no. 28: Greg Hainge,
In Search of Frenchness Lost?, on French Cinema in the 1990s, edited by Phil Powrie.
vol. 6 no. 27: Martin O'Shaughnessy,
The Shifting Identities of French Popular Cinema, on France on Film: Reflections on Popular French Cinema, edited by Lucy Mazdon.
vol. 6 no. 26: Julie Papaioannou,
Intersecting Identities, on Lieve Spaas's The Francophone Film: A Struggle for Identity.
vol. 6 no. 25: Jake Kennedy,
Avant-Garde Meat, on Stephen Barber's Artaud: The Screaming Body.
vol. 6 no. 24: Marcus Doel,
Pivotal Film History: Georges Melies as a Vanishing Mediator, on Elizabeth Ezra's Georges Melies: The Birth of the Auteur.
August 2002 (Film Theory and Ethics)
vol. 6 no. 23: Asbjørn Grønstad,
The Appropriational Fallacy: Grand Theories and the Neglect of Film Form.
vol. 6 no. 22: Monika Mehta,
Reflections on Film Studies, on Reinventing Film Studies, edited by Christine Gledhill and Linda Williams.
vol. 6 no. 21: Latham Hunter,
Narrowing the 'Wider Issues' in Fuery's New Developments in Film Theory.
vol. 6 no. 20: Murray Smith,
The Bad and the Beautiful, on Colin McGinn's Ethics, Evil, and Fiction.
vol. 6 no. 19: Marty Fairbairn's interview with Istvan Szabo,
Art, Politics, and Taking Sides.
July 2002 (Continental Film Studies)
vol. 6 no. 18: Catherine Fowler,
Darke Reading Light, on Chris Darke's collection of articles and essays, Light Readings: Film Criticism and Screen Arts.
vol. 6 no. 17: Jean-Luc Nancy,
A Non-Replying Reply to Kretzschmar.
vol. 6 no. 16: An van Dienderen,
This Special Mystique of Interview Politics: A Flow Between Fact and Fiction, on Trinh T. Minh-ha's Cinema Interval.
vol. 6 no. 15: Laurent Kretzschmar,
Is Cinema Renewing Itself?, on the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy's book on Abbas Kiarostami, L'Evidence du film.
vol. 6 no. 14: Melissa Clarke,
Senses of Time Evoked by Artistic Images, on Time and the Image, a book of selected papers from a 1997 conference in London, edited by Carolyn Bailey Gill.
June 2002 (Stanley Cavell)
vol. 6 no. 13: William Rothman,
Response to Tepper.
vol. 6 no. 12: Craig Tepper,
The Cavell Cavil, on Reading Cavell's The World Viewed by William Rothman and Marian Keane.
May 2002 (Cathryn Vasseleu)
vol. 6 no. 11: Cathryn Vasseleu,
When Too Many Puns Are Never Enough, a reply to Wurgaft's and Shaw's review-articles.
vol. 6 no. 10: Joshua Shaw,
Struggling to See the Light, and . . .
vol. 6 no. 9: Benjamin Wurgaft,
How Heavy Light Can Be, both on Cathryn Vasseleu's, Textures of Light: Vision and Touch in Irigaray, Levinas, and Merleau-Ponty.
April 2002 (Philosophy of Horror)
vol. 6 no. 8: John Marmysz,
The Cutting Edge Between Trash Cinema and High Art, on Joan Hawkins's Cutting Edge: Art-Horror and the Horrific Avant-garde.
vol. 6 no. 7: Aaron Smuts,
Haunting the House from Within, an article based around the 1963 film The Haunting, directed by Robert Wise.
vol. 6 no. 6: Joan Hawkins,
Revisiting the Philosophy of Horror, on a special Horror issue of the American print journal Film and Philosophy, edited by Daniel Shaw.
March 2002 (Michel Chion and Sound Theory)
vol. 6 no. 5: Kristi McKim,
Impassioned Aesthetics, on Michel Chion's Audio-Vision.
vol. 6 no. 4: Gerwin van der Pol,
Michel Chion's Blessing in Disguise, on Michel Chion's The Voice in Cinema.
vol. 6 no. 3: Sean Cubitt,
Good Vibrations, on James Lastra's Sound Technology and the American Cinema.
January 2002 (André Bazin)
This month
Film-Philosophy is proud to publish two previously untranslated articles by André Bazin -- translated here by Bert Cardullo, with the permission of Madame Janine Bazin.
vol. 6 no. 2: André Bazin,
Will CinemaScope Save the Film Industry? (1953).
vol. 6 no. 1: André Bazin, The Life and Death of Superimposition (1946).