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Volume 5, 2001
December (Elsaesser/German Cinema)
vol. 5 no. 43: Geoffrey Nowell-Smith,
Re-imagining German Film History, on Thomas Elsaesser's Weimar Cinema and After: Germany's Historical Imaginary.
vol. 5 no. 42: Richard J. Hand,
Post-reunification Fassbinder: Reception and Creation, on Elsaesser's Fassbinder's Germany: History, Identity, Subject.
November (
Deleuze Special Issue)
vol. 5 no. 41: Barbara M. Kennedy,
Fugitive Spaces -- Between the Critical and the Creative, a reply to Amy Herzog's review-article.
vol. 5 no. 40: Amy Herzog,
Reassessing the Aesthetic: Cinema, Deleuze, and the Art of Thinking, on Barbara M. Kennedy's Deleuze and Cinema: The Aesthetics of Sensation (2000).
vol. 5 no. 39: Gregory Flaxman,
The Laws of Cinematic Hospitality, a response to Andrew Murphie's review-article.
vol. 5 no. 38: Andrew Murphie,
Is Philosophy Ever Enough?, on the 2000 collection The Brain Is the Screen: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Cinema, edited by Gregory Flaxman.
vol. 5 no. 37: Dorothea Olkowski,
La Longue durée, a reply to Joseph Nechvatal's review-article.
vol. 5 no. 36: Joseph Nechvatal,
La Beauté tragique, on Dorothea Olkowski's 1999 book, Gilles Deleuze and the Ruin of Representation.
vol. 5 no. 35: Jinhee Choi,
Bergson: Before the Deleuze, on the 1999 collection The New Bergson, edited by John Mullarkey.
vol. 5 no. 34: Richard Smith,
The Philosopher with Two Brains, on 'Gilles Deleuze: A Reason to Believe in this World', a 1998 special issue of the journal Discourse, edited by Reda Bensmaia and Jalal Toufic.
vol. 5 no. 33: Eleanor Kaufman,
Deleuze, Klossowski, Cinema, Immobility, a response to Stephen Arnott's review-article.
vol. 5 no. 32: Stephen Arnott,
Deleuze's Idea of Cinema, on the 1998 volume, Deleuze and Guattari: New Mappings in Politics, Philosophy and Culture, edited by Eleanor Kaufman and Kevin Jon Heller.
vol. 5 no. 31: Tom Conley,
Film Theory 'After' Deleuze, on the 1996 Dis Voir collection of essays, Apres Deleuze: Philosophie et esthetique du cinema, edited by Dominique Chateau and Jacinto Lageira.
October (New York Film Festival)
vol. 5 no. 30: Martha P. Nochimson,
New York Film Festival 2001, on I'm Going Home, directed by Manoel de Oliveira, Warm Water Under a Red Bridge, directed by Shohei Imamura, Italian for Beginners, directed by Lone Scherfig, Va Savoir, directed by Jacques Rivette, Time Out, directed by Laurent Cantet, La Cienaga, directed by Lucrezia Martel, Fat Girl, directed by Catherine Breillat, Mulholland Drive, directed by David Lynch, Sobibor, October 14, 1943, 4pm, directed by Claude Lanzmann, Il Mio Viaggio in Italia, directed by Martin Scorsese, and Eloge de L'Amour, directed by Jean-Luc Godard
September (Film Journals and Cinematic Virtues)
vol. 5 no. 29: Katrina Daly Thompson,
On Framework, reviewing a collection of essays from 1974-92, edited by Paul Willemen and Jim Pines.
vol. 5 no. 28: Dorian Stuber,
Art Objects, on the fourth volume of the American print journal _Film and Philosophy_.
vol. 5 no. 27: Adam Muller,
Rediscovering the Virtues in Popular Film, on Joseph H. Kupfer's Visions of Virtue in Popular Film.
August (Analytic Film Philosophy)
vol. 5 no. 26: Warren Buckland,
Problem Formation in the Analytic Philosophy of Film, on _Film Theory and Philosophy_, edited by Richard Allen and Murray Smith.
vol. 5 no. 25: Richard Allen,
Looking at Motion Pictures (Revised).
vol. 5 no. 24: Robert E. Wood,
Toward an Ontology of Film: A Phenomenological Approach.
July (Bresson and Wartenberg)
vol. 5 no. 23: Thomas E. Wartenberg,
Film, Philosophy, and the Ordinary, a response to Butler's review of his book, Unlikely Couples.
vol. 5 no. 22: Brian Butler,
Transgression: Ordinary and Otherwise, on Wartenberg's Unlikely Couples: Movie Romance as Social Criticism.
vol. 5 no. 21: David Sterritt,
Bressonians on Bresson, on Robert Bresson edited by James Quandt, part of Cinematheque Ontario's series of auteur-centered monographs.
vol. 5 no. 20: Thomas Deane Tucker,
A Patient Cinema or a Cinema of Patience?, on Robert Bresson by Keith Reader, part of Manchester University Press's French Film Directors Series.
June (Zizek and Documentary)
vol. 5 no. 19: Stephen Charbonneau,
A Documentarian's Call to Arms, on Dai Vaughan's For Documentary.
vol. 5 no. 18: Henry Breitrose,
Behold Their Quarter'd Fires, on Brian Winston's study of Humphrey Jennings documentary Fires Were Started for BFI Classics.
vol. 5 no. 17: Edward R. O'Neill,
The Last Analysis of Slavoj Zizek, on Cogito and the Unconscious, edited by Slavoj Zizek.
May (Avant-Garde Film and Shohei Imamura)
vol. 5 no. 16: Catherine Cullen,
Carnival of the Unconscious, on Shohei Imamura, the collection of essays edited by James Quandt.
vol. 5 no. 15: Kirill Galetski,
Making Avant-Garde Film Accessible, on Scott MacDonald's Avant-Garde Film.
vol. 5 no. 14: Douglas Hunter,
Understanding the American Avant-Garde, on James Peterson's Dreams of Chaos, Visions of Order.
April (Buckland and Cognitive Semiotics)
vol. 5 no. 13: Warren Buckland,
Black Cats, Dark Rooms, and Paper Tigers, a reply to Petric and Grodal's reviews.
vol. 5 no. 12: Torben Grodal,
Old Wine in Old Bottles, and . . .
vol. 5 no. 11: Mirko Petric,
Both Semiotics and Cognitivism?, both on Warren Buckland's The Cognitive Semiotics of Film.
March (Disney, Photography, and Béla Tarr)
vol. 5 no. 10: Daniel Frampton,
The Way that Movements Speak, on Damnation and Werckmeister Harmonies by Béla Tarr, and Last Resort by Pawel Pawlikowski.
vol. 5 no. 9: Garrett Stewart,
Last Things First, a reply to Sutton's review.
vol. 5 no. 8: Damian Sutton,
Photography and Cinema from Birth to Death, on Garrett Stewart's Between Film and Screen.
vol. 5 no. 7: Nichola Dobson,
Politicising Disney, on Deconstructing Disney by Eleanor Byrne and Martin McQuillan.
February (Laura Mulvey)
vol. 5 no. 6: Laura Mulvey,
Reply to MacKinnon and Sorfa.
vol. 5 no. 5: David Sorfa,
Hieroglyphs and Carapaces: The Enigmatic Real in Laura Mulvey's Fetishism and Curiosity.
vol. 5 no. 4: Kenneth MacKinnon,
Curiously, Fetishism Can Be Fun.
Two reviews of Mulvey's 1996 book
Fetishism and Curiosity, followed by a reply by the author.
January (Casetti,
Cat People, and Chabrol)
vol. 5 no. 3: Andrew Slade,
Chabrol for Beginners (and Other Interested Parties), on Claude Chabrol by Guy Austin, part of Manchester University Press's French Film Directors series.
vol. 5 no. 2: David Annandale,
Cat People: A Screening with Commentary, on Kim Newman's BFI Classic book on Val Lewton's 1942 film.
vol. 5 no 1: Gregory L. Miller,
Casetti on Film Theory, on Francesco Casetti's Theories of Cinema: 1945-1995.