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Volume 3, 1999

December 1999
No. 52: Margaret E. Johnson, A Non-Critical Review
A Critical Cinema 3: Interviews with Independent Filmmakers by Scott MacDonald
No. 51: Philippe D. Mather,
Fear and Wonder: Ambivalence Towards Technology
A Distant Technology: Science Fiction Film and the Machine Age by J. P. Telotte
No. 50: David Martin-Jones,
Invaginating Antonioni
The Films of Michelangelo Antonioni by Peter Brunette
No. 49: Tico Romao,
The International Cinema of Poetry
Contemporary Cinema by John Orr
November 1999
No. 48: Mike Hakata,
Agnes Varda: Questions at Twenty-Four Frames a Second
Agnes Varda by Alison Smith
No. 47: Robert E. Mitchell,
Identifying Aliens
Alien Identities: Exploring Differences in Film and Fiction edited by Cartmell, Hunter, Kaye and Whelehan
No. 46: Ian Verstegen,
A Formalist Reborn
Film Essays and Criticism by Rudolf Arnheim
No. 45: Phillip H. Gochenour,
Assessing Ong
Time, Memory, and the Verbal Arts edited by Dennis L. Weeks and Jane Hoogestraat
October 1999
No. 44: Marty Fairbairn,
Report from the 1999 Toronto International Film Festival
The Big Kahuna,Simpatico, andFever
No. 43: Martha P. Nochimson,
Response to Bleasdale
on 'Letting Go of David Lynch' by John Bleasdale
No. 42: John Bleasdale,
Letting Go of David Lynch
The Passion of David Lynch by Martha P. Nochimson
No. 41: Marty Fairbairn,
The Ethics of Representation: A Review ofJakob the Liar; An Interview with Peter Kassovitz
a Report from the Toronto International Film Festival 1999
No. 40: David B. Clarke,
Cinecity Confidential
a reply to 'Urban Montage' by Deborah L. Parsons
September 1999
No. 39: Deborah L. Parsons,
Urban Montage
The Cinematic City edited by David B. Clarke
No. 38: Mary Carruthers,
Reply to Cameron
on 'Thinking through Imagery' by Evan William Cameron
No. 37: Paul M. Malone,
Negotiating Modernity in Weimar Film Theory
The Cinema's Third Machine by Sabine Hake
No. 36: Tina M. Kelleher,
Why Film History Should Not Repeat Itself
Celebrating 1895: The Centenary of Cinema edited by John Fullerton
August 1999
No. 35: Bohdan Y. Nebesio,
How to Account for Cinematic Experience?
The Aesthetics and Psychology of the Cinema by Jean Mitry
No. 34: John Izod,
Reply to MacLennan
on 'The Necessity of Critical Realism' by Gary MacLennan
No. 33: Gary MacLennan,
The Necessity of Critical Realism
An Introduction to Television Documentary by Richard Kilborn and John Izod
No. 32: Dan Friedman,
Bazin at Last; or, The Style Is the Man Himself
Bazin at Work by André Bazin
July 1999 
No. 31: Mark Crosby,
Reflections UponThe Matrix
on the film directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski
No. 30: Marty Fairbairn,
The Gaze andEyes Wide Shut
on the last film directed by Stanley Kubrick
No. 29: Erica Sheen,
As Animals Might Dream
Signatures of the Visible by Fredric Jameson
No. 28: Cynthia A. Freeland,
Bill Viola and the Video Sublime
Reasons for Knocking at an Empty House by Bill Viola
June 1999
No. 27: Robert Hopkins,
Pictures and Film; Philosophy and the Empirical Disciplines: A Reply to Dean
on 'Getting a Good View of Depiction' by Jeffrey T. Dean
No. 26: Jeffrey T. Dean,
Getting a Good View of Depiction
Picture, Image and Experience by Robert Hopkins
No. 25: Karla Oeler,
Signs of the Times
Signs and Meaning in the Cinema (1998 edition) by Peter Wollen
No. 24: Alison McMahan,
Watching You Watching Me
The Truman Show andEDTV
May 1999
No. 23: Imre Szeman,
The Gears of the Collective Imaginary
Media Manifestos by Regis Debray
No. 22: Evan William Cameron,
Thinking through Imagery
The Craft of Thought by Mary Carruthers
No. 21: Jeffrey Pence,
Machine Memory: Image Technology and Identity
Prosthetic Culture by Celia Lury
No. 20: David Cullen,
Visual Reality
No Other Way To Tell It by Derek Paget
April 1999
No. 19: Stephen Prince,
Reply to Schneider
on 'The Means and Ends of Screen Violence' by Steven Schneider
No. 18: Steven Schneider,
The Means and Ends of Screen Violence
Savage Cinema by Stephen Prince
No. 17: Jan Simons,
Image and Mind: But Where's the Body?
Image and Mind by Gregory Currie
No. 16: John Bleasdale,
Leone's Impure Vision
Once Upon a Time in America by Adrian Martin
No. 15: David Martin-Jones,
A Site for Sore Eyes
on 'On the Film/Image', special issue of the ejournal
Enculturation, edited by Jim Roberts
March 1999
No. 14: Patricia Pisters,
The Possibilities of Immanence
on 'Gilles Deleuze: A Symposium', special issue of the journal
Theory, Culture and Society, edited by Mike Fetherstone
No. 13: Sean Cubitt,
Reply to Palmer
reply to 'A Future Aesthetic' by Daniel Palmer
No. 12: Daniel Palmer,
A Future Aesthetic
Digital Aesthetics by Sean Cubitt
No. 11: Josh Cohen,
Phenomenology, History, and the Image
reply to 'Images of/and the Postmodern' by Kathleen Fitzpatrick
No. 10: Joe Brooker,
England's Screening
Dissolving Views edited by Andrew Higson
February 1999
No. 9: Sean Cubitt,
Unnatural Reality
The Vision Machine by Paul Virilio
No. 8: Kathleen Fitzpatrick,
Images of/and the Postmodern
Spectacular Allegories by Josh Cohen
No. 7: Andrew Gibson,
Sense of an Ending
Like a Film by Timothy Murray
No. 6: Marc Furstenau,
The Superficial Aesthetics of the Postmodern
Hiding by Mark C. Taylor
January 1999
No. 5: Lewis Johnson,
Breakdowns of Belief?
Making Images Move by Jan-Christopher Horak
No. 4: Santiago Cucullu,
Notes on Debord
Comments on the Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord
No. 3: Daniel Shaw,
It All Depends On What You Mean By 'Ideology'
A Philosophy of Mass Art by Noël Carroll
No. 2: Sylvie Blum,
A State of Crisis
French Cinema in the 1980s by Phil Powrie
No. 1: Kathleen Johnson,
'To See or Not To See', That Is the Question
On Pictures and The Words That Fail Them by James Elkins