Volume 11, 2007

Issue 1 - General
Issue 2 - The Occluded Relation: Levinas and Cinema
Issue 3 - Encore: Lacan and Film

Edited by Benjamin Noys

Introduction: One More Effort... (i-vi)
Benjamin Noys


What is the Gift of Grace?: on Dogville (1-22)
Lorenzo Chiesa

The Politics of Gift-Giving and the Provocation of Lars Von Trier's Dogville (23-37)
Dany Nobus

Antiphusis: Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man (38-51)
Benjamin Noys

The Temporality of the Real: The Path to Politics in The Constant Gardener (52-73)
Todd McGowan

'How Very Lacanian': From Fantasy to Hyperreality in Basic Instinct 2 (74-85)
Mark Fisher

Book Review

Review: Andrea Sabbadini (ed.) (2003) The Couch and the Silver Screen: Psychoanalytic Reflections on European Cinema (86-93)
Benedicte Coste

Bumper Review Round-up 2007


Review: Fantasies of the Institution: The Films of Georges Franju and Kate Ince’s Georges Franju (94-102)
Michael du Plessis

Reply to Michael du Plessis (103-107)
Kate Ince

NYFF 2007

Anxiety: New York Film Festival Report (Part One) (108-117)
Martha P. Nochimson

Affirmation? New York Film Festival Report (Part Two) (118-131)
Martha P. Nochimson

Film and Philosophy

Review: Christopher Falzon (2007) Philosophy Goes to the Movies: An Introduction to Philosophy (Second Edition) (132-137)
Lucy Bolton

If a Film Did Philosophy We Wouldn’t Understand It
Review: Rupert Read and Jerry Goodenough (eds.) (2005) Film as Philosophy: Essays on Cinema After Wittgenstein and Cavell (138-146)
Daniel Barnett

Mundane Hybrids: Rancière Against the Sublime Image
Review: Jacques Rancière (2007) The Future of the Image (147-157)
Ted Kafala

Not What It Says on the Tin
Review: Ian Aitken (2006) Realist Film Theory and Cinema: The Nineteenth-century Lukácsian and Intuitionist Realist Traditions (158-168)
Nigel Morris


Adorno Damned by a Devotee?
Review: Alastair Morgan (2007) Adorno’s Concept of Life (169-176)
Nicholas Joll


Review: Mark Shiel (2006) Italian Neorealism: Rebuilding the Cinematic City (177-183)
Costica Bradatan

Review: Suzanne Buchan (ed.) (2006) Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol.1.1 (184-190)
Tim Maloney

Review: Robin Curtis (2006) Conscientious Viscerality: The Autobiographical Stance in German Film and Video (191-197)
Maria Walsh


L’Atalante Lost and Regained
Review: Michael Temple (2006) Jean Vigo (French Film Directors) (198-203)
Michael Abecassis

Grader of the Lost Sharks: Warren Buckland Considers Spielberg’s Overlooked ‘Monster’ Movies
Review: Warren Buckland (2006) Directed by Steve Spielberg: Poetics of the Contemporary Hollywood Blockbuster (204-213)
William Brown

Review: Joe McElhaney (2006) The Death of Classical Cinema: Hitchcock, Lang, Minnelli (214-223)
Lucy Fife

Review: Jerold J. Abrams (ed.) (2007) The Philosophy of Stanley Kubrick (224-230)
Philippe Mather

Review: Mark T. Conard (ed.) (2007) The Philosophy of Martin Scorsese (231-237)
Linda PetÅ™íková

Hitchcock, Hume, and the Matrix of Modern Cinema
Review: John Orr (2005) Hitchcock and Twentieth-Century Cinema (238-246)
David Sterritt

André Téchiné: The Subtle Exploration of Identities
Review: Bill Marshall (2007) André Téchiné (247-253)
Isabelle Vanderschelden

Review: Colin Odell and Michelle Le Blanc (2007) David Lynch (254-259)
Liani van Straaten

Review: Richard Taylor (ed.) (2006) Vsevolod Pudovkin: Selected Essays (260-268)
Giuliano Vivaldi