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Volume 1, 1997

Wim Wenders: The Inside Story
The Films of Wim Wenders by Kolker & Beicken
November 1997
No. 12: Torben Grodal,
Film Aesthetics and Parkinson's Nostalgia for Psychologisms
reply to 'Project for a Scientific Film Theory' by Eric Parkinson
October 1997
No. 11: Eric Parkinson,
Project for a Scientific Film Theory
Moving Pictures by Torben Grodal
No. 10: Gary MacLennan,
Rothman and the Challenge of Critical Realism
Documentary Film Classics by William Rothman
No. 9: Ralph Berets,
. . . by Mark C. Taylor & Esa Saarinen
September 1997
No. 8: Jeffrey A. Bell,
Thinking with Cinema: Deleuze and Film Theory
on 'Gilles Deleuze, Philosopher of Cinema', special issue of the journal
No. 7: Jay Raskin,
The Friction Over the Fiction of Nonfiction Movies
Rhetoric and Representation in Nonfiction Film by Carl Plantinga
No. 6: Laszlo Tarnay,
The Rear Window of Essentialism
No. 5: Ludvig Hertzberg,
Piecemeal Engineering
both on
Theorizing the Moving Image by Noël Carroll
August 1997
No. 4: Daniel Shaw,
A Humean Definition of Horror
The Philosophy of Horror by Noël Carroll
July 1997
No. 3: David Sullivan,
Noemata or No Matter?: Forcing Phenomenology into Film Theory
Film and Phenomenology by Allan Casebier
April 1997
No. 2: David Large,
Ecology and Reality: Notes Toward an Ecological Film Theory
The Reality of Illusion by Joseph D. Anderson
February 1997
No. 1: David Large,
Unknown Men and Unknown Women: Reading Cavell
Contesting Tears by Stanley Cavell

December 1997
No. 13: Stan Jones,